In all of the outreach events that I do I always try to keep it real, and encouraging. I always have in my talks a reminder that cancer does not care, we as a people get so busy not only with our day to day activities, career’s, family and friends; that we tend to get loss when it comes to our own health care. I remind people that no matter how busy you are, what your economic status is, if you are a wife, mother, sister or friend CANCER DOES NOT CARE! And yes, this seems heartless but true, and in fact it works in favor for this illness. The busier that we are then the less likely we are to take time out to go to the doctor even when we feel something is wrong. If we are taking care of a sick loved one or an a child or aging parent, we actually will feel guilty if we think that we have the right to see about ourselves. Sadly, even some friends and family will even tell you that you are just being selfish; which is one of the most ridiculous comments to say to anyone! In my mind THEY are the one’s being selfish for if they do not understand that for you to continue to take care of that other person or thing then you must make sure you are in as best health condition as you can possibly be. I went to a cancer event when I was asked to speak along with another speaker and she brought up something very powerful for us to think about when it comes to should we feel guilty about taking care of other’s. It was called the ” 5 year plan” and in this plan she just asked a simple question of where do you see yourself at that time? And then she went on to answer the question saying that unless you take care of your health you will NOT be in the picture in 5 years. THINK ABOUT IT


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