Holiday’s while they fun, joyous and filled with love for some it is just the opposite especially those with a cancer diagnoses.  Even with family around it can be awkward for the simple reason that a lot of people do not know what to say to someone that has cancer most of the time. And the person that has cancer can still be reeling from just trying to deal day to day with the reality they have this illness!

My advice in this situation would be to just continue to be supportive and loving. And if you can try to learn as much as you can about the type of cancer that they are battling. For you must hear me when I tell you this it is a BATTLE! For that individual that is going through this. Even they do not fully understand why it happened to them and a lot are wishing that they could turn back the clock and never have to hear those terrible words YOU HAVE CANCER!

But I am also here to say that you are not alone, there are resource’s you can reach out to. One that comes to mind is Gilda’s Club which is in most major cities and was founded by Gilda Radner a well known comedian from Saturday Night Live  and her husband Gene Wilder whom formed this club to help all cancer patient’s and show them that  they are not alone and there is someone that can help them through this journey. Also the hospital that you are being treated at may have a social worker that help direct you to other resources and support groups even within the hospital that will form a protective bubble around you if needed.

Being a cancer survivor myself my first holiday’s were bitter sweet, while I was very happy to be alive, I still was struggling with a little anger about getting the illness in the first place. But now I am just happy to celebrate the holiday’s with my loved one’s and hope that my story will bring hope and ease of mind to those that are on this cancer journey around the holiday’s.

God Bless You All



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