I just asked for a definition for this word and it stated “Resistant to change.” Wow! I thought that was a very powerful statement especially when it is NOT the natural order of things NOT TO CHANGE! I mean the season’s change, your body change’s the weather changes. So my question is why would someone be so AFRAID of change? We cannot stop it, all changes are not bad, and some things actually NEED to be changed. If year’s did not change we would not be in the year 2016 and we would not look forward to another year.

Do you not want things to get better? What type of changes do you want to stay the same and why? Do you think that by resisting something it will not change? How has that worked out for you lately? As I see it no matter how you want to keep the status quo at the level it is now eventfully it will change. If it had not changed with you then you would still be in the same RUT that you were when you were born in fact you would not grow! I know that I maybe making this more simple than you perceive it to be but to me it really is simple.

It saddens me to see your fear of change and I am so sorry that you feel this way for whatever reason. It is my sincerest hope that one day that will change. I know of so many culture’s that are today fighting and KILLING because they do not want to embrace CHANGE; the world cannot continue in this manner. So try not to FEAR change so much instead learn from it and enjoy the season that it is offering to you.


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