The Devil is in the DETAIL’S!

American people I understand you are ANGRY! DIS-TRUSTFUL! DISGUSTED! AND TIRED! Of big government. But I think that you really need to CALM down and began to really LISTEN to what is being said out here on the campaign trail. STOP! Being so quick to follow behind someone that APPEAR’S to be as angry as you. We have some very ACCOMPLISHED actor’s out here that can PLAY an audience like a fine violin. YES! American has allowed a lot of jobs go across the water’s and YES! people are NOT getting paid enough money. But can you truthfully say that this is something NEW!? Or that this just came about yesterday? The stock market CRASH! has happened OVER AND OVER! And we have survived, our housing market  has grown and it has stagnated but they are still building homes.

Sometimes we are so busy trying to find the FORREST that we miss it because of the TREE’S! We need to work with one another and STOP! ATTACKING! Each other; and what has that gotten us so far? Just more anger and more attack’s we do not live in a bubble, we must deal with other’s not only in our country but abroad.

AND THERE IS NO QUICK FIX ANWER TO THESE PROBLEMS! If there were then they would have been solved years ago. One thing that I have come to realize that MAN CANNOT GOVEN MAN! We get too emotional and start to spew out hateful and destructive language as well as action’s. We get TUNNEL VISION and began to see only what is going on with ourselves instead of realizing that it is MORE THAN US at stake here.

ANGER IS LIKE A CANCER! That once it get’s a foot hold it will spread and spread and spread; and it will contaminate   and DESTROY all it touch’s. AND LIKE CANCER! Anger can creep upon you and guide you to a place that you might not be able to return from. There is a PRICE TO PAY for every ACTION! And if you fail to realize that then you might find yourself going bankrupt. So calm yourself down and LISTEN more closely to what and HOW things are being said sometimes the SMALLEST detail can make the BIGGEST difference



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