HAPPY 2017!!!!

WHEW! We made it through another year and what a YEAR! 2016 was and the repercussions just keep on coming! Of course the ongoing and biggest story is the election never in my life time would I think that I would live through such a “knock down and drag out, and rigged event!” So much hatred, fear, and despair you could CUT it with a knife! Everyone is mad with EVERYONE ELSE! And it NEVER STOPS! I am sure our founding fathers did not mean for this type of AMERICAN SPIRIT to be on display for the entire world to see. But here we find ourselves and yet the people that will get HURT from this most will be the everyday working class. Now everything is under a threat! Not since the Cuban Missile Crisis have we seen such a MESS! How are we going to bounce back from this? This is going to be the question in the coming months really from both sides of the political FENCE.

I thought our elected officials were supposed to work for the people and be sensitive to the NEEDS of the people. Was it all just “FAIRY GLAMOUR?” And what will our children learn from this display and brokenness from our leaders it should terrify us. I understand that man is and never will be PERFECT but I thought that we would have evolved more but instead we seem to be going the other way! I guess the only other thing I can say is “HOLD ON AND BUCKLE UP FOR 2017 IS GOING TO BE A BUMPY RIDE! 




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